In the framework of its international affiliation cooperation, LIU is offering its students and staff (academic and administrative) the chance to gain some of the European experience in the form of students exchange, faculty teaching (short courses), and staff training.

For this academic year, we are offering three types of mobilities to Slovenia:

1. For students from Lebanon to Slovenia (1) - Universities receiving students:University of Maribor / University of Primorska
2. For professors from Lebanon to Slovenia (1) - Universities receiving professors in the frame of teaching mobility: University of Maribor / University of Primorska
3. For non-academic staff from Lebanon to Slovenia (3) - Universities receiving non-academic staff for training: EMUNI / University of Maribor / University of Primorska
· The duration of student mobility is 6 months
· The duration of teaching/non-academic mobility is 5 days

The selection procedure will be as follows:

1. You will have to publish on your website the attached call for applications together with their respective application forms (3 types: 1 for students; 1 for teaching staff and 1 for non-academic staff)
2. Please also make sure that all your staff/students have access to this information (via internal newsletters or similar) - if necessary, you can translate the documents into Arabic or other language you consider relevant
3. The deadline for application procedure is October 30, please make sure to collect applications from your students and staff by the specified deadline.
4. On October 30, please kindly send me those applications you would like to nominate for mobility, i.e. those fulfilling the below criteria:
            o Full application with all necessary annexes
            o You must ensure that all applicants were given a fair and equal chance for participation
            o Any other condition you consider relevant to fulfill according to your internal procedures
5. After that, the consortium (EMUNI, University of Maribor and University of Primorska) will carefully review all applications received and notify you on the selected participants and let you know the following steps to take before carrying out each mobility.
6. Please kindly note, that the above number of mobilities per type of mobility is per country and not institution. The final decision of the Consortium on selected applicants will be made

The Consortium will consider the following aspects when evaluating applications received:
  • Academic performance
  • Motivation
  • Previous mobility experiences (with full respect for the maximum of 12 months exchange in the framework of Erasmus LLP, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ on the same level of studies)
  • In case of applicants having similar performance levels, preference will be assigned to those from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds
The application for student mobility has to contain the following:
  • 1. Short motivation letter
  • 2. English language certificate attesting level B1 in line with CEFR ( http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/sites/default/files/cefr-en.pdf)
  • 3. Scanned copy of passport
  • 4. Transcript of records for nominated students in English
  • (5. The learning agreement can be signed once the student was selected)
The application for teaching/training mobility has to contain the following:
  • 1. The respective application form (student/teaching/training) - filled in, signed by the applicant and scanned (PDF format)
  • 2. A short motivation letter signed by the applicant and scanned (PDF)
  • 3. CV in English (preferably Europass or similar)
  • (4. The training agreement can be prepared and signed once the applicant has been selected)
For more info, please contact the Erasmus+ Projects Office at: international@liu.edu.lb