IT Department

The IT department constitutes of separate entities working together as a team to develop the processes and procedures at LIU via technology. They manage and develop all technicalities from programming to communication, development, network & infrastructure, e-mails, software & hardware maintenance.

The IT Department Can Help You If:

    1. You’re facing any difficulties at any of the university’s Computer Labs.
    2. You’re facing problems logging into your student e-mail.
    3. WIFI services (Password can be picked up at front desk or IT Department).



  1. Online Help Desk
    • Log in to your UMS
    • Click Online services
    • Click Help
    • Enter the subject and description of the question
    • Click send
    • Click replies for the answer to the question later on
  2. BBM
    • Add the BBM pin: 25B43B71
    • Get one-on-one aid with all university related questions
  3. Watching UMS related Tutorials
    • Log on to your LIU email or go to the LIU YouTube channel
    • Click the link to the tutorial
  4. Using their e-mail
    • E-mail and generated passwords are placed on the UMS
    • Students log on to their UMS
    • Click LIU e-mail
    • Click the button, click here to get your LIU e-mail
    • Go to gmail.com
    • Enter their username and password that was deduced from the UMS
  5. Wireless services
    • Pick up the university WIFI password from the IT department or the reception