LIU Clubs

  • Music Club: is for you who want to learn how to read music, play an instrument or be in a band.
  • Dance Club: Be part of the team and learn new choreography to put on a show at any chance you get.
  • Theater Club: Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. Whether you’re into drama, comedy or romance, the Theater club is a stage for any actor.
  • E-Tech Club: For the tech freaks who always like to stay on top of tech trends.
  • Photography Club: Is dedicated to learning, practicing, and exhibiting photographic art.
  • Pharmacy Club: The Schools of Pharmacy’s most active student body. They organize events, awareness campaigns and spread school spirit with a spice of science.
  • First Aid Club: They host first aid seminars and keep student aware and ready in case of any emergency. 

How to apply?
Membership applications are submitted to the Career Department (Block C – 2nd floor).

Terms and condition for club members:

  • A club membership (or more) should not affect a student’s GPA.
  • A club member must abide by the university code of conduct and any rules set forth by the club and are approved by the committee.

How to start a new club?
To start a new club, a student body needs to submit a brief proposal including the purpose, objectives, names(s) representative(s) and example of the club agenda.

Terms and condition for creating and managing a club:

  • A club must set regular meetings to discuss club related topics in attendance of all members.
  • An LIU club can NOT serve as a student body for any outside group, party or organization.
  • All clubs must abide by the university’s rules and regulations.
  • A club can NOT go against university policy under any situation.
  • All clubs should keep detailed records of agendas, meetings and events.