Students Affairs Department


The Student Affairs Department’s mission simply is to ensure the students’ well-being and provide them with services which support and encourage them academically.

How Can the Student Affairs Office help you?

  • They will provide you with all knowledge needed about the university’s private policies and rules of conduct
  • The Student Affairs Office is responsible for issuing and verifying authenticity of degrees and transcripts.
  • The office accommodates students logging in dorms assuring them comfortable display.
  • The Student Affairs Office help desk will provide you with the proper forms and applications, as well as clarifying procedures step-by-step.
  • The office maintains a high capacity of records for all students whether old or new at the University.
  • We will respond to all inquiries issued by parents regarding the academic and financial issues of their children. (Can the university discuss of age students’ private matters with others without the students consent?)


How to apply:


Attestations: A student should fill out an attestation application form at the Student Affairs office that will be ready after 2 working days.

Petitions: Student fills the petition form at the Student Affairs office; and we take care of the rest from thereon. Once an official rule has been issued concerning a petition, the concerned students will be contacted and informed that their results are ready for pick-up.

Dorm: The student who decides to reside at the LIU dorms can fill out a dorm application form.

Students’ Assistance form: Students who wish to gain experience in the professional field of university management whilst giving back to their community, can sign up to for an internship at the LIU.