Anti-Smoking Campaign - Nabatieh Campus

The Biomedical Science Department (BMED) in Nabatieh campus and in collaboration with the Islamic Health Society (IHS) - South section hosted anti-smoking campaign event at LIU-Nabatieh campus to increase student awareness regarding smoking.

The activity took place outdoors, starting with a short and expressive sketch done by Ali Amashe from the HIS. The actor and using direct dialog with the students explained the disadvantage of smoking on health leading to severe consequences such as lung cancer. Following the event, IHS personals demonstrated the disadvantages of smocking by visual experiment illustrating the amount of toxic materials that can be accumulated in the lung post cigarette smoking. In addition, smoker and none smoker students had an opportunity to check the level of CO in their lungs. BMED students were directly involved in performing the test and explaining the importance of the test to their colleagues. Interestingly, smokers were highly surprised for the level of CO present in their breaths; most expressed their willing of quitting smoking after the demonstration. Performing the campaign using a direct dialog and experimental demonstration in an outdoor environment was highly appreciated by both the campus administration and students.