World Antibiotic Awareness Week

In parallel with World Health Organization (WHO) week on antibiotic resistance awareness, scheduled in November of each year, pharmacy students at LIU Bekaa Campus organized the campaign WAAW! – World Antibiotic Awareness Week. This activity aimed at raising public knowledge about enormous rise and global spread of "superbugs" that are multiresistant to antibiotics, and emphasizing that these drugs should not be misused or overused, in order to retain their effectiveness. Students started by showing a cartoon movie to illustrate resistance, then they displayed a set of posters from the WHO theme of this year: "Think twice, seek advice". Students also organized role plays and sketches to describe antibiotic misuse in a comic and explicable manner, and they promoted natural remedies that can be used in treatment of common colds and simple viral infections, without resorting to antibiotics. The activity was concluded by a game to search for most resistant microbes and identify them, and by a battle of humans versus superbugs.