Hygiene Awareness in Hospitality and Tourism

The "Hygiene Awareness Seminar" organized by the Hospitality and Tourism Management Department, was a project intended to be a practical and operational attempt for the students of the BHTM 445- Conventions and meetings management course, held on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at Rayak Campus.

The target audience were students and their parents.
Guest speakers of the seminar were public health officer at Lebanese Ministry of Public Health Dr. Zahraa Kassem and resort general manager of West Bekaa Country Club Mr. Jean Elie Mayne.
Dr. Kassem stressed on food safety and health hygiene practices in food hygiene, and common symptoms and factors contributing to food-borne illnesses and how to prevent them.

Mr. Mayne expounds the followings:
• Importance of good hygiene at home and in the workplace
• Hospitality grooming standards
• Psychological effects of hygiene conditions on mental health
• Appropriate ways to be professional at work Students' enthusiasm, professionalism and team spirit led to the success of the event. Thank to administration that supported this event by all means, special thanks to the School of Business Assistant Dean Mrs. Rana El Mais.

The students were so excited, happy and enjoyed their academic project.