LIU at the 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 in UAE

The Middle East Molecular Biology Society (MEMBS) in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Health Authority along with the Association for Molecular Pathology and European Society of Human Genetics organized the 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 at Zayed University Convention Center – Abu Dhabi – UAE on November 1st till 4th, 2017. The main focus of this year's conference targeted the Molecular Advancements toward Precision Medicine "From Bench to Bedside".

Dr. Sami El Khatib, Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences represented the Lebanese International University as an Invited Speaker through a Workshop entitled "The Basis of Recombinant Therapeutic Production and Development". The workshop introduced the basic techniques related to the use of molecular biotechnology in the development of "Therapeutic Proteins". Recombinant hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and antibodies derivatives, as well as the development of Xenomice, were introduced. Challenges in obtaining soluble functional proteins were also discussed. The workshop targeted graduate students in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmacists, and Lab Technicians.

Dr. El Khatib has been also named as a member of the International Advisory Committee for this year's conference and received a memorial trophy for his participation. On the behalf of the LIU President, Dr. EL Khatib presented a honoring trophy to the Scientific and Organizing Committee at the end of the conference.

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