MIS - GDG DevFest

On Thursday November 23, 2017 at the Tripoli Campus the School of Business, MIS department was privileged to have as guest speaker Ms. Rayan Al Zahab. Ms. Al Zahab the founder of the only Google Developer Group in Lebanon, and Google Women Techmakers Lead of Lebanon and Technical Consultant of UNICEF Innovation Lab, is also the founder of BambooGeeks. As a software engineer with over eight years of experience in programming, system architecture and project management in local and international companies, she is now combining her two passions programming and youth empowerment. With her startup BambooGeeks she is making programmers ready for the market by reinventing coding bootcamps and through events held by GCD Coast Lebanon is empowering programmers across the country.

Ms. Al Zahab who believes in her origins and the potential of human resources advancing with the latest technologies has endeavored to develop her own community of Tripoli, North Lebanon. With technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the cultural background within her society, she was determined to create a unique opportunity for students, and hence founded her startup bootcamp BambooGeeks. The willpower continued and what appeared an innovation of idealism became a realism as the community supported the creation of a Google Developer Group in Lebanon.

Ms. Al Zahab invited students from the Lebanese International University-The International University of Beirut (LIU-BIU) to attend the GDG Coast Lebanon DevFest, which was held at the American University of Beirut on Saturday November 25, 2017. Ms. Al Zahab in collaboration with the coordinator, and support of Ms. Lina Shouman, Mr. Fadi Jomaa, and Mr. Ziad El Hayek made possible an integration of the content discussed within the academic program with state-of- the-art technologies for system developers. Students from several LIU- BIU campuses extended their gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the wider technological community.