PDIP 2nd Workshop-Akkar: Negotiation and Communication skills

The second PDIP workshop, Negotiation and Communication skills, was held on Friday November 10 at Akkar campus, 1:00-4:00, and was given by Mr. Joe Safi.

This workshop’s goal was to teach the students on the different ways of communication and the science of negotiation. Different concepts were explained in the workshop, like the Betari Box which is a model that helps us understand the impact that our own attitudes and behaviors have on the attitudes and behaviors of the people around us. Students also learned about Johari window as well as BATNA (Best Alternative Negotiation Agreement) as one of the many steps of a successful negotiation. Mr. Safi’s approach was based on student involvement in the workshop. Students were encouraged to ask questions and even answer each other’s queries. Mr. Safi was able to link the different points of his presentation together to give a holistic view of the main idea of the workshop.