20th conference of the association of pharmacy schools in the Arab World

The School of Pharmacy at the Lebanese International University participated in the 20th conference of the association of pharmacy schools in the Arab World, that was held at Isra University, Amman, Jordan in the period from 7th to 9th of November, 2017.

The Dean, Dr. Mohamad Rahal, Chairperson of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, Dr. Dalal Hammoudi, and Dr. Mohammad Assi participated in the event, which was under the theme: “Cancer: A Pharmacist Perspective”, and was organized in association with King Hussein Cancer Center, the largest cancer center in Jordan. Over three full days, speakers addressed advances in cancer management through genetic-based therapies, immunotherapy, and other modalities. Findings of recent cancer research and anticancer agents under investigation were also presented, and the role of the oncology pharmacist was highlighted.

Dr. Rahal, as the president of the 19th conference, was awarded a trophy in recognition of his efforts, and also participated in the conference scientific sessions as a moderator. Dr. Hammoudi presented a lecture about role of pharmacogenomics in oncology, and described the School’s vision in adding a pharmacogenomics course to the pharmacy curriculum since 2007. The School also received an invitation to organize a workshop about pharmacogenomics with experts in the field.