Bootcamp-LIU Startup Sprint

On January 5, 2018 at the Nabatieh Campus the School of Business, MIS department with the cooperation of Mr. Abbas Issa were privileged to have as guest speaker from Bootcamp Mr. Ali Chehade to conduct a workshop on How to Startup. The ideation workshop was an introductory session to the major event “Bootcamp-LIU Startup Sprint”.
The process of how to take a startup from idea to investment was discussed in detail and students were enlightened to the opportunities of participation. The major highlights were as follows:
- Connecting with potential investment opportunities.
- Learning about technology trends and connecting with other young, ambitious entrepreneurs.
- Developing a startup with the guidance of leading mentors and experts from various fields.
- Understanding the fundamentals of building a successful startup, and the tools required to get started.
- Connecting with corporate partners for future endeavors.
- Gaining social media exposure to reach your first customers.
In addition, the SCRAMPER methodology a creative thinking process to analyze idea generation was discussed as well as the ten ways to Evaluate a Business Idea.
By attending the session, students were given an opportunity to appreciate the requirements of applying for the Startup Sprint by Bootcamp.