" Artificial Intelligence: Impact on the Job Market of the Future "

On Monday January 8, 2018 at the Rayak Campus, the MIS department in collaboration with the computer science department were privileged to have as guest speaker Dr. Wissam Sammouri to present on artificial intelligence and the impact on the job market of the future.

Dr. Wissam Sammouri is a tech-loving data scientist and entrepreneur with a PhD in predictive data mining algorithms and the author of several articles in the field. A big believer in the power of artificial intelligence for career guidance, he has won several international prizes for his projects, mainly the French Tech international prize, Trophée de services innovants, Vivatech positive impact challenge prize, Qatar Foundation WISE acceleration award and was supported officially and publicly by the French government, president and media. Dr. Sammouri is equally a data mining, computer science and entrepreneurship lecturer at the ECE Engineering school in Paris, Paris Dauphine and Paris Descartes Universities respectively.

Dr. Sammouri, discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently entered a new era as its applications have dramatically and successfully spread out in several domains after being for a long time a “dream” or simply “a bunch of some abstract theories”.
What are the latest findings and reliable applications of AI worldwide? What are the challenges of the job market of the future with the uprising of AI, blockchains and robotization of man-force? On the other side, will AI cause some professions to evolve or even new ones to be created?
The aim of the talk was to discuss the above topics and questions as well as the influence of such technologies on the current universities students’ future carrer such as:
What profession and career do I want for myself a few years from now? What career will make me happy? Will it be the same 10 years from now with all the technological advancements happening worldwide? Will it possible to reach it after having already chosen a major at university?
The recent years have witnessed gigantic technological leaps that have had major consequences on the job market. Many job types and professions have evolved, and others have been created. It is estimated that 35% of jobs are at high risk of automation within 20 years, which will result into mass job losses. Artificial intelligence is more likely to compete with logical intelligence in humans before the other types of intelligence. It is therefore vital for university students to consider their diplomas as the base requirement for job only and do the effort to enhance their communication (soft) skills as well as read and lookup the newest advancements in their fields to survive in what is becoming a more and more competitive job market worldwide.