" Performance Arts Show- School of Education - Bekaa "

For the second year, the Performing Arts class in the School of Education, Bekaa Campus, wrote and produced two shows titled "لن أنساك يا تيتا" and "Alice and the Magic Potion" under the supervision of Ms. Mirna Shoiery, course instructor.

The two shows include a range of Performance Arts: Narrating, Miming, and Puppetry. The Performing Arts students presented the shows twice in front of 400 elementary students from Omar Al Mokhtar Educational Center (Grades 3, 4 and 5).

The aim behind the two shows was sending an educational message to the young learners about several moral values that range from not lying to taking care of the elderly.

At the end of the show, students were asked questions about the moral lessons they learned and they won prizes for their valuable answers. All attendees enjoyed the performances and commended their highly educational value.