BAU workshop

The School of Pharmacy at the Lebanese International University (LIU) headed by its Dean Dr. Mohammad Rahal in addition to Dr. Dalal Hammoudi, Dr. Diana Malaeb, Dr. Etwal Bouraad, Dr. Michelle Cherfan, and Dr. Nisreen Mourad participated in the Third International Conference entitled “Towards Best Pharmacy Practices: Enhancing Pharmacy Education” at Beirut Arab University (BAU) that was held on May 8, 2018. In addition, the Third Forum on Advancing Pharmacy Education in the Middle East and the Gulf Region” was held in parallel to the conference. The forum contained series of workshops. Dr. Dalal Hammoudi ,Dr. Nisreen Mourad participated in its first workshop entitled “Overview on Principles of Assessment” along with pharmacy faculty members from Qatar, Kuwait, and BAU. Dr. Hammoudi and Dr. Mourad elaborated first on the formative assessment methods and feedback techniques and then engaged the audience in activities on how to apply these methods in their assessment processes. Within the second day of the forum, Dr. Etwal Bou Raad was one of the team members for the workshop entitled “performance-based assessment (PBA)”. Dr. Etwal delivered the facilitators part in implementing PBA. Before the session started, the attendees were asked to sit into different groups and brain storm list of barriers and facilitators they perceive while implementing PBA in their institutions using colored sticky notes. Then each group representative presented and discussed the facilitators and barriers on a white board. This activity gave chances for all attendees to share their experiences and thoughts for PBA. After the activity, Dr. Etwal presented the facilitators focusing on a model that helps in understanding the different steps in implementing PBA in pharmacy schools. Throughout her presentation, Dr. Bou Raad gave examples of different strategies that have been implemented at the Lebanese International University School of pharmacy to facilitate PBA in some courses.