School of Education: Nabatieh Campus: Cancer Awareness: A New Perspective

The School of Education in collaboration with Barbara Nassar Institution hosted a Cancer Awareness event on December 4, 2018. Dealing with cancer from a new psychological perspective is a new strategy to overcome this fatal disease. It is not the ferocious monster anymore that haunts our dreams, preys over our loved ones, and sends them to the abyss. It has a name, and if well encountered, it can be defeated.

Barbara Nassar Association was founded to support adult cancer patients financially and psychologically by covering the costs of medication and hospitalization, and by offering free medicaments. According to 'Barbara", “What matters is the days we live, not those we count."

Through this new experience, students listened to Mr. Hani Nassar telling his family story with cancer and how his wife's strength was able to defy death and enjoy her time with her family in every minute she could.

The event was hosted by Ms. Salam Sayagha and attended by the Academic Director, Professor Hassan Khachfe, faculty members, students, and guests."