MIS - Startups and Internships (Code&Dot)

On Thursday November 13, 2018 at the Tripoli campus the School of Business, MIS Department were privileged to have the presence of Mr. Nidal Daccour the General Manager of Code&Dot with the support of the Assistant Dean of the School of Business Ms. Jana Harmouch, Mr. Ziad El Hayek, the system analysis and design coordinator and the computer science coordinator.

Mr. Daccour is the co-founder of the company Code&Dot, which specializes in web solutions and mobile application development. The company was established in 2007 as a SARL company in the BIAT center. Mr. Daccour commenced by discussing the importance of why students must know which career identity and path they will be selecting, in the endeavor to progress within their field of specialization and to develop within the industry. The top ten emerging and declining jobs within The Jobs Landscape in 2022 as stated by the World Economic Forum were highlighted to foresee the realism of global change. The creation of startups, system development, and marketing strategies were discussed with the major concepts of his company being web development, mobile apps, e-commerce, chatbot, and SEO. Code&Dot’s numerous web and customized solutions, mobile applications, and clients were stated to portray real life scenarios at a local, national and international level.

The major highlight was an open forum regarding the opportunity for students to obtain internships and to constantly develop their knowledge in a rapidly changing world where lifelong learning and constant development of technical and soft skills is essential. It was clearly stated by the guest and instructors within the audience that it is imperative to develop written and verbal communication skills to compliment technical knowledge to be able to work on a global platform. Students were given the chance to have interactive discussions with Mr. Daccour who additionally mentioned that several students from the MIS major in recent years participated in the internship program initiated by Code&Dot and based on their performance were then employed by the company.
Your initiative within the local region is the creative strength to future success and prosperity and maintaining a career identity with integrity.