Apprentice Business Competition III-School of Business- LIU Saida Campus

The third Apprentice Business Competition was held on Thursday, May 9, 2018 at LIU School of Business, Saida Campus. Aiming for the LIU Apprentice Business Champion title, many students took part in the competition within an interactive and friendly atmosphere. The competition allowed the students to implement and use the acquired knowledge and experience gained throughout their educational programs. Also, it included multiple educational and entertainment activities requiring creativity, intelligence and variety of skills. The ultimate objective of the competition was to successfully develop and run a business to market products efficiently and effectively. This allowed the students to gain beneficial skills and improve their business acumen. In addition, the competition provided a valuable opportunity for students to implement theoretical aspects and knowledge in practice and evaluate their performance.

The competition this year has seen four teams competing Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing. Regardless of the educational background, each team worked hard to win and achieve the highest profit.This has led to a fantastic job by the four teams in preparing, setting up and running their own stands. In addition, they showed enthusiasm, passion and responsibility. This reflects greatly on their ability to not only excel academically but their potential to shine as individuals in their future careers. However, it was not all about academia, but entertainment had a large share in the event with multiple games and valuable prizes provided by the event sponsors. At the end every team was a winner from his own perspective and each of the four teams has shown large devotion and high performance. And the first-place winner was the Accounting Team who has just edged the Finance Team, coming in the second place. Students gained 5,890,000 LBP in profit. All the proceeds will be donated.

Much appreciation goes to Ms. Farah Khattab, the event organizer. Special thanks to Ms. Sarah Ramadan (Marketing Department), Ms. Rawan Ajami (Economics Department), Mr. Mohammed Saad (Finance Department) and Ms. Farah Khattab (Accounting Department) who, without their support, enthusiasm and participation, the event wouldn't have been so successful. Special appreciation to Dr. Khaled Mourad, the academic director of Saida Campus, and Mr. Hassan Houmani, the school of Business assistant dean for their continuous support and follow up.