SOP Seminar “Overview of Dementia

The School of Pharmacy at the Lebanese International University organized in December 12, 2017 a seminar entitled “Overview of Dementia”. The presentation was delivered by Dr. Nabil Naja.
Dr. Naja, the head and the medical director of Dar Al Ajaza Islamia Hospital, has founded many organizations including but not limited to the Lebanese Geriatric Society, the Lebanese Alzheimer association and the center of studies on aging (CSA). The seminar took place at Beirut campus and attended by pharmacy students and faculty.
The seminar conveyed important information including disease risk factors, diagnosis, and clinical management. In order to enhance the attendee understanding about the disease manifestations, he presented a video of a real case scenario at the end of the presentation. Moreover, Dr. Nabil explained to the audience about the burden of the disease on the patient, the family care givers and the society.