The Engineering Exhibition day at TYRE campus

The Engineering Exhibition day at TYRE campus is an event dedicated to providing engineering students with the opportunity to present the fruits of their studies acquired after 3 years/5 years in the school of engineering.

The Event organized by the School of Engineering club under the school supervision, combines a set of engineering project for senior and Master's students in the different domains on engineering, in addition, to number of electronics/digital small projects (Gadgets) done by engineering students of different levels as part of the labs/courses they follow.

The show provides a unique platform for young engineering students to source the latest technology in each engineering domain, enabling them to enhance their knowledge.

The exhibition started at 12:00 with around 20 senior and master thesis projects in addition to more than 20 small projects (electronics and digital gadgets) done by Engineering students as part of their lab sessions. Fun games were done during the event.

The gathering ended at 14:00 by handing on gifts to participants, and announcing the winning project of the day and that went to future engineer: “Mohsen Moamen” with his project: “the Robotic Hand”.