Night of Fright

The School of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Department, BHTM445 – Conventions and meetings management class (Beirut & Mount Lebanon Campuses) and Cuisine Class (Mount Lebanon) organized an event under the name of: Night of Fright.

Event Details:

  • Name: Halloween Party (Attached Poster)
  • Date: Friday, November 30th, 2018
  • Time: 7PM to 10PM
  • Venue: Mount Lebanon Campus
  • Attendees: Only LIU Students (Beirut and Mount Lebanon Campus)

Event Objectives:

In addition to the main objective, the students learned the following:
  • Brainstorm about type of event
  • Event preparation
  • Sponsors
  • Entertainment (D.J, lighting, decorations, etc..)
  • Marketing and Social Media (posters design, ticket selling, Facebook, Instagram, etc..)
  • Purchase of Beverages
  • Communication and Coordination with each other’s
  • Team work
  • Cleaning and Tear-down
  • Evaluation of the event.
  • food preparation: mini/cold sandwiches, juices and soft drinks.
Tasks were distributed, among the participating student, it was a night full of fun meticulously organized and implemented.