1st International Conference on Economics, Business and Social sciences (ICEBSS)

On December 21 and 22, 2017 the Lebanese International University (LIU) had the privilege to host the 1st International Conference on Economics, Business and Social sciences (ICEBSS) having the theme "Sustainable Development: Connecting Business and Society in Emerging Economies". The Conference was organized by the Center for Sustainability Research and Consultancy (CSRC), hosted by LIU, and co-hosted by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)- School of Economics, Finance and Banking (SEFB), Emerald Group Publishing UK, UN Principles of Responsible Management Education, and other esteemed collaborating institutions.

The conference opening ceremony was officiated by CSRC president Prof. Dr. Hayat Awan who emphasized the importance of the conference as being an ideal platform to the academicians, researchers, practitioners and students from developing countries to build a bridge of knowledge across the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia as well. In his welcoming speech, LIU Provost Dr. Ali Tarabay stressed on the significance of the conference theme since the world is currently witnessing how some developing economies are striving and advancing, while others are struggling to survive. The conference chair Associate Prof. Dr. Sallahuddin Hassan described to the audience how the conference reflects the shared vision of CSRC and the collaborating institutions in encouraging and aligning research and policy discussion with issues of sustainability and relevance in developing and emerging economies. The conference vote of thanks was delivered by the dean of the School of Business at LIU and the conference co-chair Dr. Farid Abdallah who is constantly working hard to strengthen the academic networking among international universities and build a bridge for exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The opening ceremony was followed by a signing ceremony of the matching grant between UUM and LIU. The audience also witnessed the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between LIU and CSRC. Shortly after, keynote addresses were delivered by CSRC president Prof. Dr. Hayat Awan, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for academic and international affairs at UUM Prof. Dr. Yusnidah Ibrahim, the vice president of the Yarmouk University in Jordan Prof. Dr. Jamal Abou Doleh and the conference secretary Dr. Hassan Al Aaraj. The respected keynote speakers have travelled long distances in order to share their knowledge with the audience and enrich the conference with their distinguished participation. Next, Dr. Ali Tarabay, Dr. Farid Abdallah and the conference coordinator Mr. Bilal Jibai presented the trophies on behalf of LIU to the parties that have contributed to the success of the event. In return, Prof. Dr. Hayat Awan and Dr. Hassan al Aaraj presented their trophies on behalf of CSRC.
After lunch break, an open panel discussion entitled "Quality Assurance and Sustainability Development" was moderated by Dr. Malak Aoun. The aim of the panel discussion was to highlight the Role of Quality Assurance and Sustainability Development in the world today. The panel consisted of the previous director of the Center for Quality Assurance Dr. Hassan Khachfe, the chief editor of the International Journal of Management studies Professor Dr. Mohammad Sobri Minai and the vice president of the syndicate of hospitals in Lebanon and the chairman of Sahel General Hospital Dr. Fadi Alame.
The major highlight of the ICEBSS for academicians was the Emerald Workshop on Guide to Getting published, which was imperative for the university’s objective of enhancing research and providing attendees with valuable resources for publishing their papers within their field of specialization. The conference program over the two day period also included the presentation of 50 research papers that were divided into three parallel sessions. These sessions were of great value to the attendees as they have assisted them to improve their skills and knowledge in their fields.