MIS Innovation 2018

On Wednesday October 17, 2018 students from The International University of Beirut were delighted to have been invited by Ms. Pauline Korban the AltCity Partnerships and Community Manager to attend the Innovation RoundTables by Epita. The cooperation initiated by the MIS department chairperson Ms. Lina Shouman and the coordinator gave students the opportunity to listen to roundtable experts from academia and industry in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Technological Strategy and CyberSecurity.

Round Table 1 - Artifical Intelligence
Reflection on its complexity and its positive impact on our society.

Round Table 2 - IT Strategy role in the company: managing multinational IT projects.
Building companies across borders: the role of technology selection in supporting collaboration and communication in globally distributed virtual teams.

Round Table 3 – CyberSecurity
Security Awareness and Threat Intelligence
Balancing Business Benefits and Cloud Security

-The major objectives of the Expand Your Innovation Knowledge were as follows:
-Share and expand the international know-how in the IT sector.
-Support the Lebanese youths to play an important role in the digital transformation of companies.
-Create innovative startups to enrich the Lebanese market.
-Highlight the importance of IT in the growth of the companies.