Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills” Workshop- 3rd ESP Workshop- School of Business- LIU Nabatieh

The “Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills” workshop, the 3rd ESP Workshop, organized by the School of Business, was held on Friday, December 7th at LIU- Nabatieh Campus. The workshop’s guest speakers were Ms. Nada Dgheim and Mr. Youssef Ajram from DPNA.

The speakers explained the concepts of leadership and entrepreneurship by giving many examples to students and discussed the characteristics a leader must have. They also talked about the key leadership skills all business owners and entrepreneurs should develop, also they explained the skills and behaviors that make entrepreneurs successful.

In this workshop, students learned the step-by-step approach to become an effective leader-entrepreneur; team development and leadership; understand the mission and responsibilities of a true leader. Examples were given to help students distinguish between being a manager and a leader.