The Lebanese International University, Management Department - school Business, has arranged an Educational trip to the MEA training Center in Beirut. In order to expand students’ learning and make education unforgettable and entertaining, the visit aimed to show and to get students involved in a real training center. The MEA training center in the biggest and the most advanced in the region.

The MEA team has shown and explained for our students how training happens in real life and showed them the different types and methods of training. The MEA team was very welcoming and students had the opportunity to discuss the Human resources training and development function, with the head of the training center, the flight attendants’ trainer, the pilot trainer and the engineers at the center.

They also got the chance to see different types of training methods and most important different type of simulators. Moreover, they had the chance to try those simulators and to see how they operate. They also got an info session about the past strategic plan, and the current one (Green Building). They got the theory and knowledge in class, but the visit allowed them to see and and to be more involved.