MIS - NavyBits

On Tuesday December 19, 2017 at the Tripoli Campus the School of Business, MIS department with the collaboration of Mr. Ziad El Hayek and support of the coordinator were privileged to have the presence of Mr. Hassan Tabbal the Founder and GM of NavyBits to convey the system development lifecycle and emphasize on the challenges and successes of projects within all phases, with an in-depth discussion on analysis and design.

Mr. Tabbal believes that technology can positively impact society and transform human lives. With more than 12 years of experience in software engineering and IT solutions, he co-founded NavyBits, a technology company that seeks to create an impact by delivering world class solutions and products. NavyBits was featured in the media for its innovations and is trusted by multiple startups in Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait and Qatar for its ability to deliver successful products. Mr. Tabbal holds a Computer and Communication Engineering degree from the Lebanese University and he is also a certified project manager and a member of PMI Lebanon Chapter.

The content discussed the decision-making process of documenting the requirements specification and the importance of communication in developing a feasible project which meets the acceptance standards for quality assurance. The project management process of initiation, planning, execution and closedown of the project were highlighted with real world scenarios. Mr. Tabbal stated it is imperative to encourage students to consider project management within all disciplines of business and technology as communication is the connection to successfully managing the information systems. Students interacted after the session to discuss market opportunities and internship programs for graduating students in the North of Lebanon.