Empowering Our Students- MoU Signing Ceremony- Employability Skills Program (ESP)

The school of Business signed on Wednesday, September 26, a significant MoU in Beirut between the BIU and Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA), which aims at empowering students with the needed life skills to be effective in the workplace and youth leaders in their communities. Students who attend the training program will be able to demonstrate personal and professional skills needed in the marketplace such as communication skills , leadership skills, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, job interview practices, decision making and critical thinking, while being exposed to different working environments through various hands on experience and case studies that are intended to help them shape their professional future. ESP will be implemented next Academic year 2018/2019 in all BIU/LIU campuses in Lebanon. This training program also falls under three of the main UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) that BIU is currently working on. SDG 4 stands for quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities; SDG 8 stands for decent work and economic growth and aims to create employment and ensure sustainable economic growth; and SDG 17 stands for partnership for goals and aims to build a stronger commitment to partnership and cooperation between partners to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Established in 2003, DPNA is a non-governmental independent, grassroots-led organization based in Lebanon which promotes sustainable development for people and place. DPNA focuses on socio-economic development and youth capacity building as a first pillar of intervention.

The signing took place, in the presence of Dr. Ali Tarabay, University Provost, Dr. Farid Abdallah, Dean of the School of Business (who signed on the behalf of BIU), Ms. Farah Khattab, ESP Program Coordinator, Ms. Sabah Faour, DPNA Vice President (who signed on the behalf of Mr. Fadlallah Hassouna, DPNA President), Mr. Zakaria El Baba, Program Manager at DPNA and Mr. Ali Saoudi, Project Officer at DPNA.