" MIS-Robotics "

On Monday January 15, 2018 at Mount Lebanon campus the School of Business, Management Information Systems Department was privileged to have the presence of Mr. Jeffry Abdel Nour and Mr. Adeeb Rachid the Winners of the Lebanese VEX Robotics Championship for year 2017 and qualified to participate in the World Championship in the US.

The objective of the seminar was to provide the university’s students with the fundamental knowledge and information about the importance of MIS in preparing a team for a Robotics competition. Accordingly, the seminar was focused on the following central points: Introduction to VEX Robotics, Team Members Recruitment, Team Building, Familiarity with Competition Rules, Sponsoring and Fundraising Events, Time Management, Robot Design, Ordering Needed Parts, Mechanism Building, Electrical Phase, Robot Programming, Game Partition, Practice and Spare Parts, and MIS and Robotics.

Mr. Abdel Nour and Mr. Rachid presented a brief explanation regarding the mission and vision of Creoscendo center where they are currently working, and the number of clients, personnel and portfolio of the center. They followed the discussion with a presentation about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in education today then they explained the history of VEX Robotics Competition in Lebanon and in USA, and how they recruit the team members, how they build a team, and what are the steps for effective time management. In addition, they explained how to design and program the robot.

Finally, Mr. Abdel Nour and Mr. Rachid explained to students the importance of technology in MIS and the desire to apply the technology to improve work efficiency. Many robotics teams rely on MIS by using an all tests database to keep track of which program or mechanism created the best results, otherwise the information is considered worthless if it does not serve a specific purpose. While working on this system, team members learn how to manage various information systems so that they best serve the needs of the team and the game requirements.