Blood Donation

The safest blood donors are voluntary, non-paid blood donors. This being said, the School of Arts & Sciences (Biomedical Science Department), the School of Engineering, and the School of Business in Tyre campus and in collaboration with Lebanese Red Cross-Tyre section hosted blood donation campaign at LIU-Tyre campus.

On October 31, LIU-Tyre students had the opportunity to voluntary donate their blood from 9:30 AM till 15:00 PM. Following filling the required questionnaire regarding donor history, student’s weight, blood pressure and hemoglobin level were obtained prior blood donation. More than 110 students applied for blood donation and blood was taken from donors with acceptable safety conditions (55 students). More than 50 donors got rejected for different reasons such as common cold, operation less than one year, cancer history, low or high hemoglobin levels, and absence of personal ID.