The School of Business at LIU-Bekaa campus arranged its first annual "the bridge" conference on Friday March 23, 2018, hosting around 350 attendees from about 30 local businesess in addition to students from LIU and other institutions in 25 workshops in different business topics.

The event aims to build a bridge between LIU and the nearby community and a long run relationship allowing LIU to play a development role by training managers, employees and students in different topics by experts from professional training centers in addition to business instructors. The event also intends to help businesses overcome the obstacles of competition, grow outside their borders, and to update them with the latest world technological and economical developments.

The event started by a welcome letter announcing the objectives of the event to the audience, after that 3 sets of workshops had been conducted separated by coffee breaks and lunch.

The success of the event was above expectations as shown by feed backs collected from evaluation forms since most of the attendees showed their satisfaction, their interest in advanced future workshops and in similar LIU events.