two workshops,School of Business - Nabatieh campus

In cooperation with INJAZ LEBANON, the Department of Business Management and International Business Management in the School of Business at Nabatieh campus organized two workshops entitled: “Boost your employability”, on Friday April 27th and Friday May 11th. The duration of each session was almost 5 hours.

The Assistant dean of the school Mr. Ali Mouazen and Dr Jawad Chahine, along with 30 business students attended the workshops which were delivered by Miss Fatima Makki, Miss Sara Jaber and Miss Sara Ghandour. The trainers trained the students on how to prepare a professional CV and motivation letters. They stressed on the interview phase and how to be well prepared, things to avoid and things to do in an interview. Several practical activities like role playing were included in this training.

At the end of each session, and on behalf of INJAZ LEBANON, certificates of attendance were distributed to the students.