Kassatly Chtaura visit

Rayak Marketing students have visited Kassatly Chtaura on Friday April 27th, and we had a meeting with the Marketing Manager Mr. Samer Harmouch who discussed with our students several issues including:

- Introduction about Kassatly Chtaura ( Mission, vision, history, competitors)
- International marketing strategy (countries they do business in) 70% Lebanon - 30% Middle East region and Europe.
- How does their items differ and are adapted according to different markets (Labeling, packaging, flavors, pricing..)
- Successful Marketing campaigns to reach the audience and achieve growth.
- Importance of Marketing to the company

Our students were very interactive with Mr Harmouch by asking questions related to what they've learned at class, where they've gained rich information from Mr Harmouch who have a broad knowledge in marketing and global markets. In addition, we went on a tour around the production lines with the Quality manager Mr Bassam Kazoun in the Manufacturing plant, where he explained the procedure of producing each item, showing us some samples.