kurdahi conference

Under the patronage of his Excellency the minister of culture Dr. Ghattas Khoury, the Lebanese International University, Mount Lebanon Campus, in collaboration with the Syriac writers Union in Iraq, has hosted the “The Scholar Abbot Gebrael Al Kurdahi’s conference on Syriac Studies” in honor of the Lebanese scholar Abbot Gebrael Al Kurdahi.

The conference opening was at 10:00 AM on March 12 at the campus amphitheater in the presence of well-known personalities and many social, political, and religious leaders. Mr. Issa Zeidan represented the minister of culture. Dr. Ali Tarabay represented the university president. Bishop Michel Aoun represented Patriarch Mar Bchara Botros ElRaii, General Raed Daou represented General Joseph Aoun the commander of the Lebanese Army. General Fares El Kurdahi represented the head of the General security forces Brigadier General Imad Ossman, Abbot Maroun Chidiac head of the Maryamite maronite order, Media figure Georges Kordahi representing Al Kurdahi family.

It was a truly international conference extending over a three day period between March 12 and March 14 with the participation of more than fifty researchers from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Australia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Tunisia and Armenia. Ten plenary sessions were needed to present thirty eight research papers on the history of Syriac literature, language and culture and also to study the rich heritage of scholar Abbot Gabrael Al Kurdahi.