LIU Graduation Speech 2021


Professional Development Workshops _ SoED Saida

In keeping up with LIU commitment to faculty Professional Development, the Lebanese International University Regional Education Center (LIUREC) has launched a professional Development Program (PDP) for instructors along with a Quality Assurance Orientation Program (QAOP) for Schools’ Principals and instructors. The event took place in LIU Saida on March 2 and March 16 in the form of two workshops:

March 2 A presentation by the Dean of Education, Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, on Quality Assurance
March 16 Four PD sessions on different themes briefly described below:

Metacognition or thinking about one's thinking and learning was the theme for the first session and presented successfully by Dr. Claudia Hassan and Ms. Zeina Dbouk. It aimed at focusing on two basic interactive strategies to reinforce metacognitive skills in schools starting with teachers moving on to students.

The second session, working with Vocabulary, was conducted by Ms. Sahar Alameh and Ms. Mariam Hankir, who targeted vocabulary teaching and suggested strategies for teacher to use during the presentation and practice stages with students in their own learning of new words./

Speaking Awareness; the third session was a presentation shared by Ms. Fahima Murad and Ms. Roudaina Doukmak, who focused on key challenges in learning and teaching speaking skill in their own context and delivered a sample speaking lesson following ECRIF stages.

The last session, Research-Based Writing, was a presentation delivered by Ms. Nawal Ayoub and Ms. Nadine Joudi, who effectively outlined the logical steps used in writing a good research paper as a piece of academic writing based on its author’s research on a particular topic, and the interpretation of the research findings.