" Gestational Diabetes- Saida Campus "

The School of Arts and Sciences (Biomedical and nutritional department) IN THE Lebanese International University- Saida campus in collaboration with the Lebanese society for Diabetes, and Dr. Mohammad Sandid, organized an event about “Gestational Diabetes”.

The event was attended by the respected Mrs. Najala Saad, Mrs. Asmaa Balouli, and the members of the ministry of the social affairs (werdanyeh (

Dr. Sandid has spoken about the complications and risks of gestational diabetes on both the mother and the fetus, and also he emphasized on the importance of early detection .And how the disease is epidemically increasing worldwide.

After Dr. Sandid`s lecture, Mrs. Diana setityeh, has spoken and demonstrated the type of exercise a pregnant women can perform.
And the event was closed by multiple questions from the respected audience.