"عيد و امل جديد "

The Activities office at LIU – Tyre Campus, in collaboration with the School of Arts and Sciences – Communication Art Department/ Fine Arts Department/ Biomedical Sciences Department and the School of Business – Hospitality and Tourism Department, organized a Christmas/ Charity event entitled عيد وأمل جديد. The main objective of the event was to collect donations for the Children Cancer Center at Al Makassed Hospital. In presence of the Administrative Director Mr. Hussein Farhat, the Academic Director Dr. Saleh Abdul Aal, The Chairperson of the Communication Arts Department Dr. Walid Raad and the Specialist in Oncology and Hematology Dr. Malek Baassiri representing Al Makassed Hospital, a group of instructors and students from all Schools and Departments, the event began with the Music Club who played the Lebanese Anthem and the University Anthem as well as Christmas happy songs. Afterwards, a long report about the Children Cancer Center at Al Makassed Hospital was screened, and then a short comedy play was imitating the characters of the well-known Foufi and Abou Talal.

Finally, a monitoring section was performed by the Communication Arts students, it raised awareness on the social problems that the Lebanese Society lives every day. The event also included a Garage sale market, Face painting, Souvenirs market, Make up stand and Hand Made bracelets stand, all prepared by the Apollo II club (Communication Arts and Fine Arts Departments), as well as stands for selling discount vouchers, children toys and souvenirs, all prepared by the Biomedical Sciences Department. Also, all the participating departments prepared homemade food that was sold during the festive day, not to forget the Hospitality and Tourism Students who made an amazing display and presentation for their food, which was very appealing to all the campus students. To be noted that 30 of Grade 12 students from Lycee Hanaway School were participating in the event. After the event, the collected amount of L.L.1,800,000 was carried by Apollo II Club and Biomedical Sciences students and coordinators to the Children Cancer Center at Al Makassed Hospital on Wednesday December 27, 2017. The students also brought gifts to the children and played with them at the center. The whole experience gave the students lots of joy in the festive season and the children lots of hope during their hard times.