The Eighth International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (IACQA' 2018) in the Arab World

Under the high patronage of his excellency, General Michel Aoun, the Lebanese International University had the pleasure of holding the Eighth International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (IACQA' 2018) in the Arab World. The conference, under the guidance of Dr. Anwar Kawtharani, the Head of the Conference and Dean of the School of Education, was held at LIU, Bekaa Campus, Khyara, Lebanon between April 11 and April 14, 2018.

The School of Education students and instructors in Tyre Campus formed a group with the guidance of Dr. Olga Gonoskova, the Assistant Dean of The School of Education, and the help of Dr. Saleh Abedelal, the Academic Director, and Mr. Hussein Farhat, the Administrative Director at Tyre Campus to attend the conference.

The mission of the conference was to explore, as a world community for analysis and innovation in teaching and learning, artistic solutions to challenges endeavor educational activity and addressing these challenges collaboratively through transformative dialogue, with it analysis, and sharing of innovative best practices. a significant strength of the conference are its numerous base of worldwide views that foster creativity, significant dialogue and engagement, and purposeful action.

The significance of the conference springs from our firm belief that our Arab societies' future is shaped in our cultural castles represented by the higher education institutions. This definitely means that great efforts are needed to develop the quality of higher education as well as to enhance the ability of our universities to acquire the modern properties of innovation and creativity, which have become a requirement of this new age of information and globalization. The conference aims at crystallizing an integrated Arab understanding of the quality of university performance as well as shedding light on the mechanics to develop it. It is also concerned with raising the accreditation requirements for our Arab universities; confronting the challenges of implementing the Total Quality Management (TQM) conceptions at these universities; and making use of both Arab and foreign experiences in our educational institutions.