FUNDAY for Adults to Raise Funds for Orphans- Tyre Campus

The School of Business, Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Science Department at Tyre Campus, organized a FUNDAY on Monday May 14. It was Fun day of exciting activities for adults to raise funds for orphans have fun and wind down before finals. The event included Inflatable Games-Soccer Soap, and Virtual Reality (9D and HTC), many rounds of tombola. Prizes were numerous (more than 50 gifts: including dining invitations, vouchers, watches, and 2 travel tickets.) We would like to thank the following sponsors for being a part of the event: (SP مطبعة الجنوب, Medwil Travel, Family Clincs, Al Amir Travel, Wellcare Clincs, Tabliye Masaad, Awada Mobile, Dazzler Shop, Alex, Oregano Restaurant, Al Foukhar Restaurant, Kado Ghamloush, Tropicana Restaurant.)