"Nutrition event - Invitation to collaborate"

Since good nutrition is a basic necessity for healthy life, the nutrition and dietetics department at LIU Tyre conducted two community nutrition projects aiming to provide nutrition information and education, as well as influencing the behavior of two target populations in the community.

1. “Nutrition and oral health” done at “Al Mayadin School”. A healthy eating education session was delivered by the student Najah Deeb for 74 students of grade 3 followed by interactive classroom activities and distribution of gifts to help students remember how to maintain healthy teeth.

2. “Obesity and children with special needs” done at “Mosan institution for special needs”. The session and the class activities were given by two students Hala Shibli and Hiba Dheini. Healthy fruit snack have been distributed at the end in order to promote this good dietary habit between the students.

Those events were conducted under the supervision of Mrs Nancy Hallal and Mrs Roula Fawaz