The Power of Social Media

The School of Business-Marketing Department hosted social media marketing superstar (the blogger) Mlle Paola on April 16,2018 at the Tripoli campus. This event focused on the Power of Social Media, and how to turn a marketing vision into a business.

Paola Al Sitt presented the multiple shades of social media in the business world and shared her personal journey and experience in working with international brands for the past few years.

The Auditorium was fill with SOB students who eagerly paid attention to her entrepreneurial endeavors in the fashion world, whereby she move her family's fashion business from a retail store into a successful internet platform, which is now followed by 180k followers. Students were fascinated by her humble approach to success, and how well she connects with her follows, and how she related marketing course concepts into a trendy business. The outcome of this event opened the eyes our LIU students, to believe in their dreams and vision to become young entrepreneurs through the power of social media.

This event was planned by Dr Pascal Zaczac, who initiated the idea and organized the event, which ended up being an overwhelming success.