" Winners of the 1st Gold Medal at Horeca Competition 2018" "

The School of Business- Hospitality and Tourism Department at LIU participated in multiple competitions at HORECA. The LIU hospitality students competed against very renown Hospitality academies, such as Le Cordon Bleu, NDU and USJ.

I proudly announce that we are the winners of the 1st Gold medal in the Art of Service Competition knowing that it is our first time to participate in this category and we are the ONLY winners of the Gold Medal. LIU has beaten all the usual participants including USJ.

The competition took place on the 22nd of March 2018 in the presence of most of the Hospitality instructors and the Hospitality Students around campuses who came to cheer for the LIU Hospitality Team. The award ceremony took place on the 23rd of March 2018 in Biel – Beirut where the participants were given their medals.

The LIU students won the below medals:
1- Hanan Fliti : 1st Gold Medal in Bistronomy – Art of Service Competition
2- Ahmad Moustafa : Silver Medal Bistronomy – Art of Service Competition
3- Moussa Ammar: Silver Medal Bistronomy – Art of Service Comptition
4- Hassan Saidi: Bronze Medal – Junior Live Cooking Competition
5- Simon Bou Diab: Bronze Medal – Junior Live Cooking Competition
6- Ahmad Obeid: Merit Certificate – Top 10 Barista Competition
7- Nayla Nayel : Merit Certificate – Barista Competition

The Competition was fierce and the LIU Hospitality & Tourism Management students made it up to the top levels. The Jury members were very impressed by the performance of our students and they expressed it clearly during the competition.

As usual, The LIU Team went through extensive training and preparation that was conducted by Mr. Omar Shehab, Mr. Houssam Younes,Mr. Mohamad Fahess, Chef Khodor Dia, Chef Rabih Jammal and all under the Supervision of Dr. Nadine Sinno.

Our deepest and sincere recognition goes to Dr. Samir Abou Nassif for believing in the capacity of the Hospitality Team member and Students and providing the utmost support. Additionally, we send our great appreciation for the Dean of the School of Business Dr. Farid Abdallah who is always supportive and pushing us forward. Finally, a genuine thank you note goes to Mr. Ali Fahess for his dedicated support to the success of the LIU students.

A special thank you note goes to all those who helped us in achieving this success. The Best is yet to come!"