School of Business_ Akkar: ESP 2nd Workshop: Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills

The second ESP workshop, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills, was held on Friday, November 23rd 2018, at Akkar campus between 9:00 and 15:00.

The workshop was given by Mr. Zakaria El Baba and Ms. Rana Hassouna

The first exercise helped introduce the main aspects of a leader: mental, spiritual, physical an political aspects.

The students were divided into groups and were asked to research a known leader of their choice and guess how they spend their time (at work and off work) and how they started their day. The discussions of the groups’ findings lead to the conclusion that a balance between the different aspects is necessary. Another group work was used to introduce characteristics, skills and responsibilities of a leader. Finally a role playing exercise was conducted to explain to the students the importance of viewing any problem from different viewpoints to improve decision making