CV Writing and Job Interview Practices” Workshop- 2nd ESP Workshop- School of Business- LIU Nabatieh

The CV Writing and Job Interview Practices workshop, the 2nd ESP Workshop, organized by the School of Business, was held on Friday, November 30 at LIU- Nabatieh Campus. The workshop’s guest speakers were Miss Dania Naamani and Mr. Anthony Abi Rached.

The workshop discussed the importance of the CV and how to properly conduct it, in addition to its form, content and the right time to present it.

This workshop provided students with tips and advice on how to handle job interviews with confidence. The workshop started with an introduction on the basics of CV writing, followed by an illustration of achievement-based CVs.

The first part of the workshop included among others the key elements of a CV such as personal data, education, references and professional email-format. At the end of the session, students were asked to prepare the first draft of their CV and the speaker checked, commented on and corrected those drafts.

The second segment of the workshop covered job interviews where students were able to practice their skills through mock interview scenarios.