50 minutes that will not change your life/ S.o.B

The School of Business, Nabatieh Campus, organized a Guest Speaker event on April 2, 2019. A coaching and empowering talk was facilitated by Dr. Khaled Ghattas concerning human behavior, self-improvement, interpersonal skills and potential.
A short video was presented, in which students were interviewed to give perceptions about their success in life.
The guest speaker discussed issues related to self-confidence, flexibility in dealing with others and ways of accepting changes. In addition, students were encouraged to be socially responsible and to assure that their goals are aligned with their social behaviors.
A large number of students from several schools attended the event. They were engaged and had the chance to ask questions and give their own feedback.
Moreover, our SoBU students were the main organizers of the event. They were both receptive and professional, and they also applied the skills acquired in marketing and management.