LIU Alumnus, Mr. Omar Al Kaaki, Delivers a Seminar about the Power Grid, at Beirut and Saida Campuses

On 14/3/2019 and 18/3/2019, LIU alumnus, Mr. Omar Al Kaaki, delivered a seminar titled: “Comprehensive Design of the Power Grid: Case of Lebanon” at Beirut and Saida campuses respectively. The seminar, which was in majority attended by Electrical Engineering students, conveyed a clear image on how electricity is generated, transmitted, and distributed to customers, with live examples from the Lebanese power grid. Since 2012, Mr. Kaaki has been working at KVA, the electric distribution service provider for Electricité du Liban. He handles and budgets projects related to MV/LV substations, overhead lines, underground lines, and smart meters installations.
Mr. Kaaki (Class of 2016) holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Lebanese International University. He has published, under the supervision of LIU faculty, 6 peer-reviewed conference papers.
In January 2019, the World Energy Council Lebanon National Committee selected Mr. Kaaki as a “Future Energy Leader of Lebanon”. He will participate in the national energy dialogue, and contribute to national energy policies.