Human rights

On Thursday, April 11, three of Fe-Male's youth network visited the Human Rights class at LIU, Saida campus for the purpose of raising awareness on migrant domestic workers' rights in Lebanon. In partnership with the International Labor Organization-ILO, Fe-Male has joined a movement to transform the public perception of migrant domestic workers ensuring that the public recognizes their contribution and know their rights in the Arab States. Under “My Fair Home” campaign (https://www.facebook.com/myfairhome/), Fe-Male has recruited a network of youth to conduct awareness-raising sessions in this regard.
The session was an interactive one, during which the youth tackled the different aspects of the migrant domestic workers’ cause in the Lebanese context. Through several questions, they tried to understand how the students perceived these workers, and the way they are treated at their household or households of people they know. Fe-Male’s youth introduced them to the pitfalls of the “Kafala” system in Lebanon and how unfair it is for both the employer and employee. The purpose of the session was to highlight the main points of the topic, and try to change the attitudes of their fellow peers, being key agents of change.
As in many controversial topics, there were both negative and positive reactions given that only few had a migrant domestic worker at home.
At the end of the session Dr. Hanafi asked the teamwork to improve the law and to educate target group (students, trade unions, NGOs.. ) as much as possible.