MIS TechKnowledg-e Day 2019 Article

On Wednesday April 3, 2019 at the Lebanese International University-The International University of Beirut under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Hassan Mourad the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the School of Business, MIS Department invited the university and wider community to their Information Systems ꓯ A Changing Future TechKnowledg-e Day. The department was privileged to have outstanding speakers and guests from diversified fields within the information systems domain. Vice presidents, the School of Business Dean and chairpersons, CEOs, Presidents of Associations, founders, developers, academicians, and former MIS students were present to share and connect with the wider community to initiate further progress within the Lebanese business ecosystem.
The universal quantifier is the For All Symbol, where the universe of discourse is constantly changing, and dynamism is a projection of the unlimited potential for the advancement of creativity and innovation within a growing ecosystem. What first appears to the ordinary person as an upside-down A maybe seen by the extra ordinary person as the Hindu-Arabic numeral seven symbolizing a victory where the line in the center is the start for all to step forward to a changing future.
The MIS department was appreciative for the sharing of knowledge and hopes it will reunite the rationality, creativity and innovation inherited within our nature to nurture our experiences and to exemplify our identity as being the founders within our fields. As the development life cycles within the system continually evolve it is the roots of originality that allow our human, financial, technological and physical resources to assist in developing individuals, communities, and nations from all diversified backgrounds to unite their innovative and creative mindsets to advancing Together Towards a Better Future.
The following is an overview of the event.
Session I
Mr. Ali Chehade, Presenter

Opening Ceremony Speeches
Ms. Lina Shouman, Chairperson, MIS Department
Dr. Farid Abdallah, Dean of School of Business
Dr. Ali Tarabay, Provost
His Excellency Mr. Hassan Mourad, Minister of State for Foreign Trade

Keynote Speakers Speeches
Ms. Ghada Gebara, Consultant for Digicel, Transformation and Digitalization SME
Dr. Abbas Tarhini, President, Association for Information Systems MENA Region
Mr. Raffy Karamanian, Head of Digital Banking, Bank Audi
Ms. Yusr Sabra, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wakilni
Mr. Rami Santina, President and Founding Member Syndicate of Computer Science in Lebanon

Panel Discussion I - Innovate to Generate
Moderator: Mr. Ali Chehade
Mr. Rami Santina - President, Syndicate of Computer Science Lebanon
Mr. Hassan Hibri - President, Syndicate of IT Certified Experts in Lebanon
Mr. Emil Moawad - Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Show Me Lebanon
Mr. Daniel Kofdrali - Founder of Onlivery
Mr. Samer El Gharib - Founder and CEO of Slighter

Session II
Panel Discussion II – Dynamism in Industry
Moderator: Ms. Nada El Mais
Mr. Salah Awad - Senior Product Manager at Murex and Lead Facebook Developers Circle
Ms. Elissa Mkanna - Murex, Product Owner
Mr. Ahmad Zein - Lead, Google Developer Group Coast Lebanon

Panel Discussion III - Game for an IS Career?
Youth Keynote Speaker: Mr. Iyad El Hout
Mr. Amad Zein - Lead, Google Developer Group Coast Lebanon
Mr. Abdallah Inabtawi - MIS Analyst, Cedars Premium

Session III
Workshop I
Scroll Up - ERP Applications
Talent Lab - The Role of Digital Learning in Blended Learning

Workshop II
Game Design
Unreal Engine 4

Workshop II
Keen International - Startup to Scaleup
Behind the Scenes of Digital Marketing

Code&Dot MIS Department Scroll Up
Tecomsa WorldVoid