Fall Fundraising Event”- BHTM Students- Hospitality and Tourism Management Department - School of Business- LIU Nabatieh Campus

On December 17th, 2018, and in an attempt to raise awareness on the importance of “Psychological Health", the symptoms and the means of overcoming stress, the School of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management Department - BHTM445 Class) at Nabatieh campus organized an event where a short play was performed by the students of the theater class, followed by a lecture on the relevant topic that was performed by the Psychiatrist Mrs. Zeina Zaweel.

In addition to that, a food court was provided in collaboration with the Cuisine Class, along with sponsored food items from local restaurants. At the end of the event, valuable tombola prizes were won. Students collected almost 2,000,000 LBP in profit and all the proceeds will be donated to Cancer Patients.

Much appreciation goes to Mrs. Sarah Wehbe, the event organizer and her BHTM students who worked professionally with a team spirit.

Special appreciation goes to Dr. Farid Abdallah - Dean of the School of Business, Mr. Wael Rabah - the Administrative Director of Nabatieh Campus, Mr. Hassan Houmani - the school of Business Assistant Dean, and Dr. Nadine Sinno - the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department Chair for their continuous support and follow up. ​