Saida Campus- School of Business- House Renovation Project- Community Outreach-

School of Business-Saida campus has renovated the house of a Lebanese family that lives in the refugee camp in Saida. The family has three children: Ahmed 8 years - Mohammed 7 years - Mahmoud 5 years. The family lives in a house that the dad inherited from his father albeit in difficult living conditions, lacking basic healthcare and livelihood necessities that every child needs in order to grow, learn and acquire skills for a prosperous future. The family household is in dire need of maintenance, renovation, rehabilitation and furnishing as it is almost completely lacking in any furniture, heating, kitchen and electronic equipment. The three children live in the midst of a chaotic mess of clothes and items that are stacked around the house. With little to no space to play at home, they are forced to play outside in a dangerous environment. The father worked as a taxi driver and then as a janitor at the Lebanese University, but had to leave his job shortly after due to an injury to his hand that has since prevented him from working. The mother works in cleaning houses to try to support the family but her salary does not cover the most basic needs. Expressions of anxiety and destitution are visible on the faces of the family, which compels anyone who sees them to take initiative and help even a little – for a little in the face of their need is plenty. After the renovation of their house and its refurbishment with tiles, paint and furniture, the father and mother faces have been reinvigorated with the look of happiness and their children’s faces are visibly full of astonishment and joy.