Time Management and Writing Professional E-mails” Workshop - 5th ESP Workshop- School of Business- LIU Nabatieh

A “Time Management and Writing Professional E-mails” workshop was organized by the School Of Business in Nabatieh campus on Friday December 21st, from 09.00-15.00. The workshop’s guest speaker was Ms. Nada Dgheim from DPNA.

Ms Dgheim discussed the importance of time of being an important resource to be well invested. She also explained to students about the high costs of wasting time. Time management and time saving strategies and techniques were presented and explained to students. The latter were able to identify their biggest ‘time stealers’ which reduce their productivity and establish solutions to reduce or remove their negative impact. They acquired practical time management skills for scheduling, planning and prioritizing work.

In the second part of the workshop, students learned how to write clearer emails in order to receive better responses. Effective emails reduce confusion and increase productivity, and word choice as well as formatting will increase response rates.